Alumni to Graduates: Welcome to the Family

CEU’s Class of 2020 had a crazy year. From opening the Vienna campus last Fall to spending this spring in Covid-19 shutdown, they’ve endured a year unlike any other in CEU history. Worse, they’re CEU’s first class to not have an in-person graduation ceremony in Budapest this June. That’s not good. 

Luckily, something can be done. You and our fellow alumni can help welcome this year’s graduates to our global family. We’re asking you to take a minute to let them know that, despite the uncertainties they face, they’re not alone. That we’ve got their back. 


Alumni around the world have already started to share their best wishes with this year’s graduates (thanks, friends!). Now you can too! Here’s how: 

Picture this. Take a selfie of yourself and a handmade sign reading “Welcome, Class of 2020” or “Welcome to the Family”. Then, share it on the main CEU Alumni Facebook Group, with the #WelcomeToTheFamily hashtag. Don't want to post in on social?  Send it directly to us and we’ll make sure they see it. (Thanks to our fellow alumni and friends in Turkey for the great shot!) 

Share your “words of wisdom.” Think back to when you graduated. What do you wish you’d known then? What should someone have told you? Now think about this year’s cohort and write them a brief note of encouragement or advice. Let them know that you’re thinking of them and that our global CEU alumni community sticks together! Send us your words of wisdom and we’ll make sure this year’s graduates get the message. 

Either of these only take a minute, but will go a long way in making our newest fellow alumni feel like part of the family and that, despite the hard year, they’re not alone.  

Let them know you’re thinking about them and share your greetings today. 

Thank you, alumni!