Gizem Küçük (IR ’16, Turkey)

October 1, 2015

Gizem is studying at CEU this year thanks to the supporters of the Alumni Scholarship, next|generation

In her own words:

I earned my BA in International Relations at Bilkent University in 2015.

Since starting university I’ve been involved with many European Commission Youth Exchange projects regarding democracy, environment and gender equality. I also became the leader of a project specialized on women's representation in the political sphere.

My work in one of the most influential non-profit organizations for gender mainstreaming and LGBTI rights in Turkey, Kaos GL, helped shape my current focus of study. Consequently, I'm one of the cofounders of the research group named “Feminist Readings of Global Politics” in Bilkent University.

I believe that studying at CEU will enhance my future in Feminist IR and becoming a pioneer of the field in my country. I’m extremely grateful to the alumni donors for helping me become a part of this community.