Nilofer Khan Habibullah (SPP ’16, Saudi Arabia, India)

October 1, 2015

Nilofer is studying at CEU this year thanks to the supporters of the Alumni Scholarship, next|generation

In her own words:

Engage. Energize. Empower. This is what I’ve learned to do.

Born in Saudi Arabia, most of my academic years were spent training in medicine in Central and North America. I also founded and led grassroots campaigns on social determinants of health, HIV/AIDS, health inequity, and cultural competency training for sexual health professionals, among other issues.

Engaging young people to challenge the status quo forms the basis of my work and this led me to take several roles, such as facilitating a young human rights activists caucus at the United Nations on World Youth Day 2013.

I also use poetry, storytelling and pencil art to transform medical education. A TEDx speaker and recipient of the Medical Journal of Australia-Nossal Global Health Prize 2013 for my essay on the lack of humanism in medicine and health written within a week after my mother’s death due to terminal cancer, I examine the use of personal narrative to spur young health professionals to reinstate the ‘care’ in healthcare.

At CEU, I will use grassroots organizing to engage, energize and empower students to explore the utility of humanities for health policy reform. This will prove a crucial experience as I continue to work on meaningful engagement of young people from the global south in policy spheres.

This dream is made possible by the generous support of CEU’s alumni donors. Thank you!