Nurangiz Khodzharova (IRES ’08, Russian Federation)

March 18, 2016

A native of Azerbaijan, Nurangiz was raised in Russia and is based in Moscow. She has lived in several countries, including Sweden, the US and Turkey. She currently works as Project Manager for the non-profit Translators without Borders.

Nurangiz maintains strong ties with the CEU community and has been active with her alumni chapter for several years prior to becoming a leader. She speaks Russian, English and Turkish fluently and has a new-found love for the Spanish language!

So why does she volunteer as Alumni Chapter Leader?

No matter where I lived and what I did, I always felt a strong connection to the CEU family. The friendships that I made, the lessons that I learned and, most importantly, the free and critical-thinking environment at CEU has had a profound influence on me as a person and a professional. Giving back to my alma mater, especially spreading the mission of CEU among prospective students, is a great joy. I look forward to seeing the new campus and celebrating CEU's 25th anniversary!

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