Markus Georg Koeck (SOCI ’18, Germany)

November 4, 2016

Markus is studying at CEU this year, thanks to the supporters of the CEU Alumni Scholarship.

In his own words:

I graduated from the University of Vienna with a BA in Political Science in 2016. My studies were complemented by exchange semesters at the University of Chicago and the University of Nottingham. Focusing on political and social theory, I was drawn to questions of ethnic and national identity as well as the promulgation of neoliberal ideology.

In recent years I have volunteered with the Goethe-Institut, in peace projects/schools in Israel and the West Bank, and as an organizer of international volunteer camps. Since 2015, I have assisted refugees, providing emergency relief at the Vienna Central Train Station. In addition, I tutored adolescent refugees; I am eager to continue my engagement in this field.

I am extremely honored to receive the Alumni Scholarship and want to express my gratitude to the CEU Alumni Donors for this opportunity.