Nataliia Kovalchuk (GENS ’18, Ukraine)

November 4, 2016

Natalia is studying at CEU this year, thanks to the supporters of the CEU Alumni Scholarship.

In her own words:

I earned my MPsy in Kyiv and after graduation became involved in Human Rights advocacy. Being a queer and a feminist in rigid Ukrainian society made me feel I needed to change it.

Researching and theorizing gender and sexuality, I became active and, among other things, developed approximately 20 projects of varying duration. Eager to learn more, I undertook an independent study and non-degree courses at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and became interested in theorizing reproductive pressures on women as a mechanism of gender inequality.

I’m convinced that my CEU MA program is extremely beneficial for me as a researcher, and my contribution will help enhance critical studies of gender and sexuality in Ukraine.

I’m sincerely grateful to the alumni donors for my scholarship, which made it possible to study and join CEU’s worldwide team.