Serbian, Russian Alumni Scholarships Reach Funding Goals

June 26, 2018


Alumni in Serbia and Russia have reached their goals this spring to help support students from their respective countries attending CEU next academic year. Congratulations!

Serbian alumni recently collected more than $2,100 for the Serbian Alumni Scholarship, which will be used to pay a stipend to one student from that country to attend CEU. The amount exceeded the campaign’s target amount by $106 – which will be used as seed for next year’s campaign!

The campaign had made strides recently, with alumni rallying in Belgrade earlier this month for a special reunion and fundraising session. In all, 19 alumni representing classes 1994 to 2017 contributed to the fund. Huge thanks to all alumni donors, as well as Sara Pendjer (LEGS ’16) leader of the Serbian Alumni Chapter.

Early this spring, Russian alumni raised nearly $2,100 in support of the Russian Alumni Scholarship. Launched in Moscow last November, the fund’s goal is to provide funds to help at least one student from Russia attend CEU per year. The fund seeks to raise $2,000 per student.

The scholarship raised that amount in less than six months, via online appeals, and in person fundraiser in Moscow and promotion via the CEU Alumni Phonathon. Twenty five Russian alumni, from graduating classes 1993 to 2013, gave to the fund. Most donations came from alumni of the Legal Studies, International Relations and Political Science departments, respectively. Donations ranged from $8 to $622.

Russian alumni chapter leaders say they were inspired by their counterparts in Serbia, Ukraine and Belarus to sponsor their own scholarships. Thanks to all CEU alumni donors in Russia, plus chapter leaders Nurangiz Khodzharova (IRES ’08) and Natalia Gurgurova (IRES '13).

Congratulations to all and HUGE thanks to Serbian and Russian alumni donors!