#ThankYouCEU Events Bigger Than Before

January 21, 2020

More alumni than ever before joined last month’s global #ThankYouCEU alumni meetups.

Alumni in a dozen cities, from Istanbul to New York, joined together to reconnect with friends and classmates and to reminisce and express gratitude for their CEU experience. (Photos below.)

Held in tandem with the end-of-year fundraising challenge of the same name, the events drew approximately 100 alumni. This was an increase from the previous year’s ten events, which drew approximately 70 alumni.

Meetups were held in:

Nov 29: Geneva, Switzerland – hosted by Chapter Leader Ana Gurau
Nov 30: London, UK – hosted by Chapter Leader Joanne Wood
Dec 6: NYC, USA – hosted by Chapter Leaders Ilona Beatrice Polyak and Angelina Pienczykowski
Dec 6: Tbilisi, Georgia  - hosted by Chapter Leader Mikheil Shavtvaladze
Dec 10: Timisoara, Romania – hosted by Nena Grceva (GENS ’05), CEU Head of Alumni Relations
Dec 12: Belgrade, Serbia – hosted by Chapter Leader Milica Nesic
Dec 13: Vienna, Austria – hosted by Chapter Leader Anna Bara
Dec 13: Amsterdam, Netherlands – hosted by Serge Sych (IRES ’97, LEGS ’99), CEU Vice President for Enrollment Management, Careers and Alumni Relations
Dec 14: Saint Petersburg, Russia – hosted by Chapter Leader Fedor Veselov
Dec 17: Brussels, Belgium – hosted by Chapter Leader Milda Kaklauskaite
Dec 21: Skopje, North Macedonia – hosted by Chapter Leader Ivan Nikolovski
Dec 26: Istanbul, Turkey – hosted by Chapter Leader Ezgi Turker

This year’s meetups saw some new faces to the community – in the form of several students of the joint CEU/Bard College BGIA program in New York and, in Istanbul, one alumna’s baby – hopefully a future CEU student.

Huge thanks to ALL alumni who came together to meet up, share memories and support our alma mater. Also, thanks to those alumni who pledged their support – or gave on the spot – to the #ThankYouCEU Alumni Challenge. Special thanks to Alumni Chapter Leaders for coordinating these events and brining everyone together.

Thank you everyone!

London, Nov. 30

NYC, Dec. 6

Tbilisi, Dec. 6

Timisora, Dec. 10

Belgrade, Dec. 12

St. Petersburg, Dec. 14

Brussels, Dec. 17

Istanbul, Dec. 26