CEU 2020 Alumni Phonathon

It’s a new decade – and a critical time for CEU. And we’d like to talk to you about that.

Between February 24 and March 27 CEU students will be calling to check in with you during the CEU 2020 Phonathon. They’ll be sharing big news from your univerity and academic unit, plus ways you can get involved and help co-write CEU’s next chapter.

We don’t want to miss this chance to speak with you so PLEASE WRITE US to update your contact info, or opt out today. (Please be sure to include your name, phone and email, plus your graduation year and academic unit).

See below to meet some of this year's callers.

CEU 2020 Phonathon Callers:

Andrii Hoch (POLS '20, Ukraine )
Phonathon 2020 is an impactful project which will help many future CEU students, and I`m proud to be part of that. Since I`m interested in entrepreneurship, fundraising skills are essential for me and I`m looking forward to developing them through this campaign.

Ankit Cariappa Konerira Chengappa (IR '20, India)
Having a strong alumni network is any great institution’s hallmark. With the Phonathon, I hope to forge connections with my peers and the alumni community. This is a great opportunity to sharpen my skills in communication and as a team player.

Dauren Koptleuov (POLS '21, Kazakhstan)
Hello everyone! My name is Dauren. I’m on my first of a two-year Political Science MA program at CEU. I’m excited to get to know the members of our alumni family! I believe that it’s very important to contribute to the development of the CEU alumni network, the members of which, sooner or later, all of us will become.

Diva Mukherji (SOCI ’21, India)
Hi, I’m Diva! I joined the Phonathon team because I’m interested in engaging with the alumni at CEU and embedding myself even more in this amazing community!


Emina Muminovic (LEGS '20 Serbia)
I joined the Phonathon team to connect with alumni around the world and learn more about their lives after CEU. As an Alumni Scholarship Recipient, I look forward to reaching out and expressing gratitude to the CEU community that supports students like me.

Funmilayo Akinpelu (HIST ’21, Nigeria)
The opportunity to make meaningful conversations whose impact reverberates for long comes rarely; that Phonathon is poised to afford me this is what I am most grateful for. It feels great to know that I’ll be able to connect with CEU alumni who have walked the grounds I now tread and reach into that spirit of sharing, loving and caring that unites the CEU community.

Guldastan Aidarbekova (IR ’21, Kyrgyzstan)
I joined the Phonathon team to contribute to the CEU community and gain valuable networking opportunities. I’d also like to develop strong fundraising, communication and negotiation skills. I look forward to talking to CEU alumni around the world!

Oliver Bineth (SOCI ’20, Hungary)
Hello! I’ve always loved getting to know people of different nationalities. Among other things, that’s why I chose to study sociology at CEU. Likewise, I’m looking forward to learning about our alumni and understanding how they utilized their CEU education.

Roko Kostan (POLS ’20, Croatia)
Doing a master’s program at CEU is more than studying and writing a thesis: it’s also participating in student government, organising projects and creating a community in which everyone feels welcome. That’s why I joined this year’s Phonathon campaign: I want our alumni to be an integral part of CEU’s future and I want them to know we are counting on their support.

Stephanie Wairimu (LEGS '20, Kenya)
I’m Stephanie, a Kenyan and an MA Human Rights student grateful for the CEU experience thus far. The Phonathon allows me to interact and network with alumni and get insights into life post-CEU, including professional prospects. As a scholarship recipient, I firmly believe in cultivating a culture of giving and philanthropy.

*Want to get involved now? See how to volunteer for CEU in your community, or to support CEU’s future via the Alumni Campaign, or get your tickets for this year’s Reunion Gala in Budapest.