CEU ONE Alumni Reunion Gala 2019

CEU One: Alumni Reunion Gala 2019
Saturday, May 4
6 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.
Budapest Marriott Hotel

CEU is stronger than ever and still standing as ONE community! Come celebrate with your friends and classmates at CEU ONE Alumni Reunion Gala on Saturday, May 4 at the Budapest Marriott Hotel!

Gala includes:

  • YOU and friends, together again!
  • Fine dining and drinks
  • President’s address
  • Live music, dance party
  • Group photos 
  • Spring Ball (optional) 

TICKETS: 65 Euro for Gala-only and 70 Euro for a combined Gala / Spring Ball ticket. For families: 30 Euro for children age 6-13. Children under 5 free!

Best part: five Euros of each ticket goes to support CEU students via the Alumni Campaign! Get your ticket today and check the Guest List (below) to see who else is coming. Need visa assistance? We can help. 

Finally, your gala ticket also covers admission to this year’s on-campus Alumni Reunion Weekend events, including:

  • Welcome Evening (Thursday, May 2)
  • CEU Branded Items Sale
  • Departmental Coffeehouse
  • Campus tours (Saturday, May 4)
  • … and more!

RSVP and further details for non-gala events coming soon! 


GET INVOLVED! Reunion is all about reconnecting with classmates - and YOU can help! This year we’ll celebrate graduation anniversaries of the Classes of 2014, 2009, 2004, 1999 and 1994. If YOU graduated in one of those years and would like to reach out to and help organize classmates to attend reunion, then please sign up to volunteer as a Class Ambassador. It's fun - and it's never too early! 


Class of 1995

Csaba Boldis (Hungary, ECON’95)

Class of 1997

Serge Sych (Ukraine, IRES '97, LEGS '99)

Class of 2001

Peter Simko (Hungary, LEGS'01)

Class of 2002

Anar Mehdiyev (Azerbaijan, ENVS'02)

Class of 2004

Jan Adamec (Czech Republic, HIST'04)
Diana Andri (Hungary, IRES’04)
Aleksandra Duda (Poland, IRES’04)
Kristina Karagyozova-Markova (Bulgaria, ECON'04)
Aleksandra Novikova (Russian Federation, ENVS'04)
Marina Olshanskaya (Ukraine, ENVS'04)
Xenia Shevnina (Russian Federation, POLS'04)
Ivana Strilkova (Czech Republic, GENS’04)
Zuzana Vojtekova (Slovakia, IRES'04)

Class of 2005

Nena Grceva (Macedonia, GEN'05)
Gabor Zamaroczy (Hungary, ENVS’05)

Class of 2007

Nina Rozhanovskaya (Russian Federation, POLS'07)

Class of 2008

Nurangiz Khodzharova (Russian Federation, IRES'08)
Alexey Tyumenin (Russian Federation, IRES’08)

Class of 2009

Marja-Kristina Akinsha (Finland, GENS’09)
Ágnes Bruszt (Hungary, LEGS'09)
Katherine Evans (United States of America, POLS’09)
Mariia Kovalenko (Ukraine, POLS'09) 
Ana Medarska-Lazova (Macedonia, LEGS'09)
Stefan Mayr (Austria, LEGS'09)
Anar Mansurov (Azerbaijan, ENVS'09)
Aykhan Nasibli (Azerbaijan, DPP’09)
Ada Paprocka (Poland, LEGS'09)
Jakub Parusinski (Poland, POLS'09)
Maryna Polyatska (Ukraine, ECON'09)
Lea Simokovic ( Croatia, LEGS'09)
Elena Spirkina (Russian Federation, SOCL’09)
Iman Sayed Taha (Sudan, LEGS'09)
Katarina (Ilanovska) Stellmachova (Slovakia, LEGS'09)
Enida Turkusic (Bosnia and Herzegovina, LEGS'09)
Endre  Várady (Serbia, LEGS’09)

Class of 2011

Sara Benavides Ambrocio ( United States of America, IRES'11)
Michael Colello (United States of America, HIST'11)
Catalin G. Stanescu (Romania, LEGS'11, LEGS'15)

Class of 2012

Nicholas Zagaria (United States of America,IRES'12)

Class of 2013

Miguel Galdiz (Argentina, DPP’13)
Dmitry Kuznetsov (Russian Federation, LEGS’13)
Dina Al Halaseh (Jordan, BUSI’13)
Dessislava Ouzounova (Bulgaria, BUSI'13)
Sunday Shomide (Nigeria, BUSI’13)

Class of 2014

Maria Darmina (Russian Federation, SOCL’14)
Stefan Korbel (Slovakia, IRES’14)
Miljan Mimic (Serbia, LEGS’14)
Liam Orton (United Kingdom, IRES'14)
Henriette Stöber (Germany, DPP’14)

Class of 2015

Nataliia Ievchuk (Ukraine, LEGS'15)
Alla Volkova (Russian Federation, SOCL’15)

Class of 2016

Melissa A. Barton ( United States of America, ENVS'16)
Charla Boley (United States of America, LEGS’16)
Janice Ayarzagoitia Riesenfeld  (Mexico, LEG’16)

Class of 2017

Veronika Csányi  (Hungary, ECON’17)
Rodrigo Peroni (Brazil, GENS'17)

Class of 2018

Aleksandra Cwik (Poland, CHSP'18)
Lorant Zambori (Romania, ECBS'18)


Elvira János
Szilvia Molnár
Michael Smith
Olga Startceva
Chris Walker