CEU Phonathon 2018

Answer the phone - it’s CEU calling! From Monday, Feb. 26 to March 29 we’re phoning CEU’s amazing global alumni community to find out what everyone is up to, and to share some important news.

Our call team includes alumni-supported students (see below), eager to speak with and find out what great things alumni are doing. Callers will also share CEU and departmental news, plans for this year’s big Alumni Reunion Weekend, ways to support CEU – and more.

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Alumni are encouraged to update their contact info (phone, email) today. Also, check details of this year’s Alumni Reunion Weekend, and find out how to get involved via the CEUImpact alumni campaign.

phonathon 2018 callers

Polina (HIST ’18)
Polina is Department of History student whose research project scrutinizes Ukrainian art during Perestroika. “I have joined Phonathon campaign because I believe that such high-quality education and all-pervading encouragement for young researchers as CEU offers should be maintained and nurtured,” she said. 

Angel (SPP ’18)
Angel is a second-year student from the CEU School of Public Policy, taking her Masters in Public Administration. She is originally from the Philippines and before coming to CEU, she worked for the government at the Department of Budget and Management. “Donating to the fund means sharing a gift that keeps on giving,” she said. “By donating, alumni get to continue this chain of opportunity that they experienced here at CEU and this gets passed on and on to other students.”

Bernadett (ECON ’18)
Bernadett is a second year MA student in the Economics and Business Department, studying in the Economic Policy in Global Markets class. “I have chosen to take part in Phonathon,” she said, “Because CEU’s scholarship has helped me to do my Master’s, and I wanted to take part in the work to ensure other students get the opportunity too.”

Bruno (SPP ’19)
Bruno is from Albania and currently enrolled in the Master of Public Administration program. “As a student caller,” he said, “I am excited to hear from alumni all over the world and the career opportunities that an education at CEU has helped them pursue." 

Kamilla (SPP ’19)
Kamilla is a first-year MPA student, with a concentration on media and communication. “I became part of the Phonathon 2018 to challenge myself and get involved in the work with CEU Alumni all around the globe,” she said. 

Mohini (SOCL ’18)
Mohiniis pursuing her Master's degree in Sociology and Social Anthropology. She is a part time gourmand and food anthropology enthusiast, and a full time conversationalist. “Phonathon 2018,” she said, “will give me an interesting opportunity to interact with the alumni who have been ‘in our shoes’, and to explore the stories every phone call will bring along.” 

Zainab (GENS ’18)
Zainab is a one-year Master's student at the department of Gender Studies at CEU from Pakistan. “As an Alumni Scholarship Recipient,” she said, “the Phonathon provides me with the perfect opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Alumni community for directly investing in my future. Without their support, my dreams would have stayed mere dreams. I realize that a lot of students applying to CEU this year cannot afford the expenses and such fundraising activities contribute in facilitating their pursuit of stellar academic scholarship, whilst ensuring their membership in a life-long community based on the tradition of kindness and philanthropy. This is my way of keeping this tradition alive.”

Isabel (IR ’19)
“I study International Relations here at CEU, and I wanted to come here partly because the program is one of the best in the world and partly because I really wanted to be back in Budapest. Now that I'm here, I'm in love with the community of friends I've found. I was motivated to be a caller for Phonathon to help our alumni stay involved in that community, and to see all the places their CEU degrees have taken them!”

Maad (SPP ’18)
Maad was born in Aden, Yemen, graduated from Istanbul University and is currently studying Masters of Public Administration at CEU. He’s a second-year MPA student. Beside academia, Maad is an event planner, a peace rebel, a passionate traveler, a public speaker and a social activist. “I believe that my work as a student caller will enhance my communication skills, and enable me to contribute to CEU community through fundraising,” he said. 

Marek (LEGS ’18)
Marek is a student of the Human Rights MA program at the Department of Legal Studies, class representative and member of the Sustainability Advisory Committee. Why is he a Phonathon caller? “My motivation was to explore more about the Alumni office activities and to get the first hand contact with our alumni,” he explained. 

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NOTE: alumni information privacy is of crucial importance to us. See the Phonathon privacy statment.