CEU2020: Alumni Reunion Gala - CANCELLED

EVENT CANCELLED: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, CEU 2020 Alumni Reunion Gala has been cancelled until further notice. All additional CEU Alumni Reunion Weekend events have also been cancelled. If you have already purchased your ticket(s) Please fill in the following  ONLINE FORM.
Many apologies for the inconvenience.   Questions? Write us. 

CEU 2020: Alumni Reunion Gala
Saturday, May 9
7 – 10:30 p.m.
Budapest Marriott Hotel

It’s a brand new decade! Now come reunite with your friends and classmates at CEU 2020 Alumni Reunion Gala on Saturday, May 9 at the Budapest Marriott Hotel.

Our traditional Budapest gala promises to be an unforgettable night along the Danube with our friends and fellow grads from around the world. Get your tickets now!

Gala includes:

  • Hundreds of your fellow alumni and friends
  • Fine dining, drinks and more
  • Stunning Danube ambiance
  • Live music, dance party
  • Group photos
  • Anniversary class meetups
  • President’s address
  • Spring ball (optional)


  • Gala only: 60 euro
  • Gala + Spring Ball: 65 euro
  • Children’s ticket: 30 euro (children under 5 free!)

Note: This year’s Alumni Campaign is all about participation. Therefore, five euros of every ticket sold goes to support CEU students via the Alumni Campaign! Thus, by buying your ticket you automatically become a supporter of this year’s campaign!

Get your tickets today, then find your friends and classmates on the guest list (below). Need visa assistance?  We can help.


Your ticket doesn’t just get you to the gala, but is your pass to this year’s Alumni Reunion Weekend (May 7-9) events, including:


Reunion is all about reconnecting with your classmates. One great way to do that – and help bring your classmates together – is to volunteer as a Reunion Class Ambassador. This year the classes of 2015, 2010, 2005, 2000 and 1995 are celebrating reunions this year. If YOU graduated in one of them, and would like to reach out and help organize classmates to attend this year’s reunion, please volunteer as a Class Ambassador!

Please sign up to volunteer as a Class Ambassador. It’s fun - and it's never too early!  interested? Check our Volunteer hub for details.

Guest List

Class of 1995
Csaba Boldis (ECON, Romania)
Mirko Djordjevic (LEGS,Serbia)

Class of 1997
David Stulik  (SOCI, Czech Republic)
Serge Sych (IRES '97, LEGS'99, Ukraine)

Class of 1998
Gabor Holch (IRES, Hungary)

Class of 1999
Zlatko Hadzidedic (SOCI, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Class of 2000
Kristina Khrystich (POLS,Ukraine)

Class of 2003
Maja Nenadovic (POLS, Croatia)

Class of 2004
Zuzana Vojtekova (IRES, Slovakia)

Class of 2005
Nena Grceva (GEN, Macedonia)

Class of 2007
Bernadett Ball (GEN, Canada)

Class of 2008
Nurangiz Khodzharova (IRES, Russian Federation)

Class of 2009
Katherine J. Evans (POLS, United States of America)

Class of 2010
Ilona Branagan (Ilyes) (IRES, Romania)
Emőke Győrfi (ECON, Romania)
Johanna Jobse (IRES, Netherlands)
Katarina Poliakova  (LEGS, Slovakia)

Class of 2011
Michael Colello (HIST, United States)

Class of 2012
Stefan Cibian (IRES, Romania)
Zlata Kharitonova (NATI, Russian Federation)

Class of 2015
Bashir Ahmad (SPP, Pakistan)
Rustam Anshba (IRES, Russian Federation)
Zintis Hermansons (SPP, Latvia)
Min Sung Kang (IRES, United States of America)
György Márk Kis (SPP, Hungary)
Illya Kletskovskyy (SPP, United States of America)
Pasqualino Okello (SPP, Uganda)
Antonija Petricusic (SOCL, Croatia)
Salman Tahir (IRES, Pakistan)

Class of 2016
Tamás Dávid (BUSI,Hungary)
Péter Varga (BUSI,Hungary)

Class of 2018
Liliia Adzhadzh (ECBS, Ukraine)
Gaurav Nand (ECBS, India)
Nikitha Niranjan (ECBS, India)

Class of 2019
Bruno Hasa (SPP, Albania)
Wahida Rohman (SPP, India)

Elvira János
Szilvia Molnár                   
Marco Grain Petricusic                 
Lena Petricusic
Valerie Stulíková
Chen Yimin
Chris Walker

Please note:

  • By registering for this event you give permission for the CEU Alumni Relations office to include your name, department and year of graduation and primary citizenship in the online attendee list for the event. If you do not wish to be included in the list please let us know. To learn how we collect and manage your personal data please check our Privacy Statement.
  • By attending Reunion Gala you consent to possibly being photographed and/or video recorded for materials that could possibly be used by CEU for news reporting and event promotion.