CEUimpact: Graduating Class Gift 2018

Congratulations to CEU’s Class of 2018! You’ve almost done with the work, and now it’s time to commemorate your accomplishments via the 2018 Class Gift. As a soon-to-be graduate, you are invited to help support CEU by making your first symbolic gift in honor of your class and academic unit. 

The Graduating Class Gift campaign is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate the milestone of earning your degree, cement class bonds and to help make CEU a better place for future students.


  • Create a legacy for your class and be recognized on the Honor Roll of Donors
  • Represent your academic unit  - Prove that your department/school is CEU's most active!
  • Bolster your diploma  - Students and alumni giving helps CEU maintain its status as an outstanding institution, thus enhancing the value of your degree

Every gift, regardless of amount is important. Even small gifts go far towards bolstering your class participation rate. 

To participate make your gift before Graduation Day, Friday June 22. Students from the academic department with the highest number of donations will receive special recognition!

*Choose your CEU school or department and please write ‘Class Gift 2018 + your name, your department and your country' in the comments section

You can also make your gift through PayPal

Or donate in person, at:

  • Your school/department coordinator's office 
  • Alumni Relations Office, Monument Building  (upstairs from Financial Aid office) every day from 9:30 – 16:30

In student donors’ own words:

The idea came when I was working late in the SPP computer lab, on a particularly cold winter day. I remember thinking how grateful I was there was a place like this where I could work. I thought then that someday I want to do something to show how much I love SPP. When the opportunity came to support the Class Gift, I didn’t want to miss it. – Sabrina Ahmed (SPP ’17)

I have decided to give my small contribution for the CEU class gift primarily as a way to say thank you for everything I gained from CEU and to support the future development of my University. This small gift reflects my trust and belief in the community that CEU represents and that I want to support in the future. – Maja Kulic (SPP ’16)