Alumni Happy Hour in Brussels with CEU Provost Liviu Matei

CEU Community + Invited Guests
Open Society European Policy Institute
Rue du Trône 130, B-1050
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 6:30pm
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 6:30pm

CEU alumni and friends in Belgium are invited to an exclusive after work happy hour with the CEU Provost and Pro-Rector, Liviu Matei on Tuesday, April 17

This fun, free event is your chance to hear the latest news from CEU, socialize with former classmates, meet alumni friends, and get to know the new alumni chapter co-leader for Brussels, and more. Light refreshments will be provided.

Want to go? RSVP using the below form by April 15 and see who else is going.

See who is coming

Angelina S. Atanasova (DPP'11)

Alma Basokaite (LEGS'05)

Nils Bjorksten

Zsófia Bajnay (POLS '17)

Sharon Belli (POLS'17)

Ekaterina Efimenko (LEGS'16)

Salomé H. Guibreteau (LEGS'16)

Orsolya Gulyás (DPP'14)

Anna Harutyunyan (GENS'02)

Ignas Jonynas (LEGS'01)

Anna Krozser (IRES'12)

Ivona Malbasic (ENVS'00)

Katalin Németh (SPP'16)

Vit Novotny (IRES'94)

Anna S. Robinson (GENS'15)

Justus Schönlau (IRES'98)

Anna Szczodrowska (LEGS'13)

Dorota A. Szeligowska (POLS'15)

Austeja Trinkunaite (POLS'11)

Zsofia Pales (IRES '11)

Nicholas Richard Wallace (DPP'14)

Mikolaj S. Zaleski (LEGS'02)

Andrija Visic (SPP'15)