Join the #ThankYouCEU Matching Gift Challenge

As CEU ends one of the most challenging years in its history, it needs alumni support more than ever.

To help CEU continue its mission, in Budapest and beyond, alumni are asked to support the university's future and GIVE TO CEU TODAY. There's never been a better time: FROM NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 31 EVERY GIFT TO THE ALUMNI CAMPAIGN WILL BE MATCHED, dollar for dollar, thus doubling every gift's impact. 

This is thanks to CEU alumnus and benefactor Konstantin Kurganov (LEGS ’94, Ukraine), who pledged a $50,000 matching gift during CEU Philanthropy Week. With his pledge a challenge to alumni: say #ThankYouCEU and support the university at this critical time.

 “Studying at CEU was the one great opportunity in my life," he explained. "I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for that, and to support the university, so that others have the same chance to study here, as I did, and to have a better life.”

Accept Konstantin's challenge - and double your impact - today! 

Get social

Make your gift, then tell the world you stand with CEU. Go to Facebook and hashtag #IGave2CEU and #ThankYouCEU. Add a line or two of what you’re grateful for, plus a selfie, and cross-post it on CEU Alumni and Friends. The post that gets the most likes wins two tickets to CEU Alumni Reunion 2019 in Budapest.

Campaign Donors            
Sardor Akhadov (Uzbekistan, ECON '16)
Elitsa Andreeva (Bulgaria, SEES '99)    
Tatyana Andreeva (Russian Federation, IRES '09)
Monika Baar (Hungary, HIST '96)
Adina Babes (Romania, NATI '06)
Tamer Badawi (Egypt, IRES '16)
Peter Bakody (Hungary, MEDS '10)
Martynas Barkauskas (Lithuania, INTR '17)
Judit Bayer (Hungary, LEGS '01)
Sergei Bazarya (Ukraine, SOCI '94)
Ria Bilic (Croatia, POLS '12)
Matjaz Bizjak (Slovenia, MEDS '00)
Csaba Boldis (Romania, ECON '95)    
Vaida Bostadløkken (Lithuania, ECON '08)
Eric Brassil (USA, POLS '06)
John Christopoulos (USA, ECON '08)
Zselyke Csaky (Hungary, IRES '08 and LEGS '11)
Veronika Csanyi (Hungary, ECON '17)
Tamas Cseloszki (Hungary, ENVS '99)
Peter Cunningham (United Kingdom, IRES '97)    
Bernadett Dundics (Hungary, ECBS '18)
Ivana Durovic (Serbia, ECON '17)
Olha Dushenko (Ukraine, BUSI '10)
Alen Dzanic (Croatia, ECON '11)
Witold Dżugan (Lithuania, ENVS '96)
Margaret Farmer (USA, POLS '10)
Veronica Ferrari (Argentina, SPP '17)
Erika Filep (Hungary, IMCE '99)
Anna Firsova (Russian Federation, ENVS '03)    
Darja Filippova (Estonia, HIST '15)
Joerg Forbrig (Germany, POLS '98)    
Sergey Frolov (Belarus, ENVS '00)
Borislava Gabrovska (Bulgaria, BUSI '04)

Robertas Galkus (Lithuania, IRES '01)    
Hender Gercio (Philippines, GENS '15)
Silviu Ghegoiu (Romania, MEDS '08)

Anna Giedrys (Poland, IRES '97)
Nena Grceva (Macedonia, GENS '05)
Peter Hudomiet (Hungary, ECON '08)
Nevena Ivanovic (Serbia, GENS '99)
Constanze Jeitler (Austria, HIST '17)
Georgi Jetchev (Bulgaria, DPP '13)
Cristina St. Juste (USA, IRES '07)
Anastasia Kachanova (Russian Federation, LEGS '18)
Milda Kaklauskaite (Lithuania, IR '17)
Peter Katuscak (Slovakia, ECON '98)    
Mindaugas Kojelis (Lithuania, IR '02)
Attila Korpos (Romania, ECON '99)
Nikola Kovachev (Bulgaria, BUSI '07)
Marijus Kersys (Lithuania, ECON '01)    
Emilia Korytowska (Poland, GENS '06)
Anna Krozser (Hungary, IR '12)    
Aleksandra Lis (Poland, SOCL '13)
Tyler Lovellette (USA, NATI '08)
Matjaz Malgaj (Slovenia, LEGS '98)    
Anna Markina (Estonia, SOCI '02)    
Jozef Marusik (Slovakia, POLS '11)
Ines Matijevic-Papulin (Serbia, LEGS '01)
Gordon McLean (USA, HIST '04)
Mikhail Medalie (Russian Federation, ENVS '94)    
Andras Mogyoro (Hungary, LEGS '02)
Anton Nakov (Bulgaria, ECON '00)    
Dorina Nini (Albania, SPP '16)
Vit Novotny (Czech Republic, IRES '94)
Yael Ohana (Ireland, PHIL '98)    
Krisztina Perlaky-Toth (Hungary, ECON '15)
Ana Popa (Moldova, ECON '07)
Nina Rozhanovskaya (Russian Federation, POLS '07)    
Elena Ryabova (Kyrgyzstan, POLS '02)
Eric Schmelling (USA, POLS '95)
Xenia Shevnina (Russian Federation, POLS '04)     
Andras Sipos (Hungary, HIST '92)              
David Skhirtladze (Georgia, ECON '00 and IMCE '00)
Katarina Staronova (Slovakia, IRES '98)
Ioana Stefu (Romania, ECON '08)
Martin Švalbach (Chech Republic, MEDS '94)
Bence Szabo (Hungary, ECON '17)
Márton Szegedi (Hungary, LEGS '18)
Agota Szentannai (Romania, NATI '01)
Ferenc Szucs (Hungary, ECON '12)
Rita Szudoczky (Hungary, LEGS '02)
Andrii Tsokol (Ukraine, ECON '06)
Jozef Urbin (Slovakia, BUSI '16)
Gergely Ürmössy (Hungary, ECBS '18)
Sorina Vaju (Romania, ECON '04)
Allan Vissor (Estonia, IRES'13)
Ilya Yablokov (Russian Federation, NATI '09)    
Mikolaj Zaleski (Poland, LEGS '02)