Just Graduated?

Congratulations on the completion of your CEU degree! Please scroll down and read carefully ALL information regarding your continued IT and email account access, plus career and alumni services.

IMPORTANT: to continue access to these services, and to receive communications regarding your alumni benefits, services, plus news and events and more, we need your consent to contact you. Please tell us by filling in the “Future communications” section of the graduation form.

NOTE: Your records are being transferred to CEU's alumni database, which should take approximately two months.  Alumni services are available only after you complete all departmental requirements to obtain official ‘graduated’ status. In the meantime, your academic unit remains your first point of contact for assistance with things like library usage and other on-campus facilities. List of schools and department contacts. 

In the autumn you'll receive a message detailing your alumni membership, benefits and services in detail.


1. IT Department will close all graduating student accounts on the 31st of July 2019 (for exceptions please see point 4) and will switch your email accounts to alumni status upon your consent (see point 5).

If your consent will be given:

  • When being switched to alumni status, IT Department will change your CEU email address (which also serves as your login name) to name@alumni.ceu.edu or name@alumni.spp.ceu.edu. You will be able to receive mail sent to your current student address as well as your new alumni address, but you will only be able to send emails from your new alumni address.

You will retain your Office 365 mailbox/calendar/tasks/contacts, but:

  • Other Office 365 features are not covered by this service, including access to OneDrive, which means you should plan to save the material you have stored there if you wish to retain access to it.
  • You will also lose access to Moodle as alumni accounts do not grant Moodle access.

2. Should you need assistance with saving your data before your account gets closed, please visit a helpdesk office in person with a blank CD/DVD or pendrive, and the helpdesk colleagues will help you.

3. The new PhD accounts of those MA students who will continue their studies as PhD students will be created automatically based on their status.

4. Exceptions:

  • SPP one-year MA students will have their accounts active until December 15, 2019. Mundus MAPP students until November 15, 2020.
  • Thesis submission deadline of Human Rights students and long thesis writing students of Legal Studies department is extended, so their accounts will be closed on the December 31, 2019.
  • Thesis submission deadline of one year MS Environmental Sciences students is July 31, 2019 so their accounts will be closed on the August 31, 2019.
  • Students in special situations (i.e. prolonged thesis submission, sickness) have a unique account closing date agreed with their departmental coordinators.
  • Those students who would like to request a temporary prolongation of their IT account, should fill in this web-form specifying the reasons for prolongation. Applying for such will extend your current IT account and access to all IT services (Office 365, VPN, Moodle, wifi and computer access, printing, etc.) until October 31, 2019.


Graduates may start using alumni services only after obtaining official ‘graduated’ status, a process which can take two months or more. NOTE: most graduates are officially in the alumni records by September, at which time further detailed information will be sent  regarding access and use of alumni services and benefits. Questions regarding CEU alumni programs? Email: alumni@ceu.edu.


Enjoy the same career assistance as when you were a student! 

  • Career>Next: Browse jobs, career resources, employer databse, upload your CV and more. Register today. 
  • Career Consultation: Explore your career options, review your CV/resume and prep for job interviews with your CEU career advisor, via Skype or in person. Learn more. 


Wherever in the world, there are CEU alumni nearby. Take advantage of CEU's amazing global alumni network and find the alumni chapter nearest you, and connect with friends and classmates on Facebook (To join, please put your CEU affiliaton in your 'about' info). Get the latest alumni news and opportunities via Twitter and LinkedIn, too! 

Questions? Write us, or visit the CEU Alumni Relations office, Nador u. 9, Monument Building.