Just Graduated?

Congratulations on the completion of your CEU degree! Watch this space for more information on how the CEU alumni network can support you after graduation and how to stay connected. Also, You will receive a message  from our office after June 15th about the details of your alumni membership, so watch your inbox! 

IMPORTANT: to continue access to these services, and to receive communications regarding your alumni benefits, services, plus news and events and more, we need your consent to contact you. Please tell us by filling in the “Future communications” section of the graduation form.

NOTE: Your records are being transferred to CEU's alumni database, which should take approximately two months.  Alumni services are available only after you complete all departmental requirements to obtain official ‘graduated’ status. In the meantime, your academic unit remains your first point of contact for assistance with things like library usage and other on-campus facilities. List of schools and department contacts. 

Questions? Write us!