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Support CEU – and double your impact – via the Lucky Charm Challenge!

It’s been a critical year, but there’s never been a better time to support CEU. BETTER YET: thanks to a generous gift from alumnus Konstantin Kurganov (LEGS ’94, Ukraine), from now until Dec. 31 every gift, up to $50,000 will be matched, dollar for dollar, making it go twice as far!

That means every dollar you give will be doubled, maximizing your support of talented CEU students and award-winning academia. That’s a fantastic value. But there’s more: When donating, share your New Year’s wish to win great prizes! Here’s how:

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When donating write your gift in the comment box – it can be about anything! When wishing, visualize CEU’s lucky charm (pictured).

We’ll feature every wish on the main alumni Facebook group. The one with the most likes wins TWO tickets to the 2018 Alumni Reunion in Budapest.

Make your gift, and see who already has (below). But hurry - this offer ends the minute 2017 does. 

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LUCKY charm club

See below for those who have taken up the Lucky Charm Challenge. Don't see your name? Make your gift today!

Jan Adamec (Czech Republic, HIST '04)
Marina Arabidze (Georgia, ENVS '08)
Hanna Asipovich (Belarus, POLS '05)
Ruslanas Bronikovas (Lithuania, LEGS '98)
Melissa Bandi (Romania, HIST '04)
Dominic Dougherty (USA, INTR '17)
Brian Fabo (Slovakia, POLS '02)
Robertas Galkus (Lithuania, IRES '01)
Anna Giedrys (Poland, IRES '97)
Pauline Hallam Mason (UK, GENS '99)
Gabor Heves (Hungary, ENVS '97)
Jiri Huml (Czech Republic, ECON '92)
Christopher Huszar (USA, POLS '13)
Valentina Radisavljevic Huszar (Serbia, LEGS '13)
Sandra Jitianu (Romani, BUSI '10)
Marijus Kersys (Lithuania, ECON '01)
Leela Koenig (Netherlands, POLS '12)
Aaron Korenewsky (USA, NATI '15/SPP '16)
Nino Kilasonia (Georgia, LEGS '13)
Mara Kimmel (USA, ENVS '16)
Margarita Klochkova (Russia, POLS '10)
Anna Krozser (Hungary, IRES '12)
Lida Lamza (Croatia, HIST '08)
Anu Mataga (Estonia, LEGS '02)
Zvonimir Mataga (Croatia, LEGS '02)
Mikhail Medalie (Russia, ENVS '94)

Anton Nakov (Bulgaria, ECON '00)
Olena Podolian (Ukraine, POLS '07)
Sumaiya Rahman (Bangladesh, ECON '15)
Olga Serebryanaya (Russia, POLS '08)
Andras Sipos (Hungary, HIST '92)
Tomas Sivak (Slovakia, ECON '13)
Elena Sprikina (Russia, SOCI '09)
Yevgeniy Stotyka (Ukraine, ECON '03)
Martin Suster (Slovakia, ECON '08)
Olena Szabo (Ukraine, SOCI '94)
Matyas Szabo (Hungary, SOCI '94)
Austeja Trinkunaite (Lithuania, POLS '11)
Mikolaj Zaleski (Poland, LEGS '02)
Zsuzsanna Vegh (Hungary, IRES '12)
Zuzana Vojtekova (Slovakia, IRES '04)
Alla Volkova (Russia, SOCL '15)
+ 5 anonymous donors

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