Alumni Stories

In His Own Words: Jaap Scholten (SOCL ’09)

Alumnus Jaap Scholten (SOCL ’09, Netherlands) was 44 years old and an accomplished novelist when he began study at CEU. After graduating he converted his MA thesis, detailing the fate of Hungarian nobles under forced collectivization, into a prize-winning bestseller. Comrade Baron: A Journey through the Vanishing World of the Transylvanian Aristocracy was published in Dutch in 2010; an English version appeared three years later.

Alumna Baiocchi Wins Women's Studies Fellowship

April 6, 2018

CEU Alumna Maria Baiocchi (SOCI '08) was recently named a 2018 Woodrow Wilson Women’s Studies Fellow. The program supports PhD candidates in the humanities and social sciences, in their final year of dissertation writing, whose work addresses women’s and gendered issues in interdisciplinary and original ways.

Alumnus Luján Begins Term as NY County Legislator

April 5, 2018

In January CEU alumnus Kevindaryán Luján (IRES ’14) took office as a legislator in New York State, representing Orange County’s 4th District. He is the first Latino, and possibly the youngest, legislator in county history.

His first bid for office occurred shortly after returning stateside from Hungary. Provoked by illegal dumping in his home town of Newburgh, New York, in 2015 he ran an unsuccessful campaign for city council.

CEU Alumnus Khan Leader of Alberta Liberal Party

April 3, 2018

CEU alumnus David Khan (LEGS '05) was appointed leader of the Alberta Liberal Party in Canada. Prior to running for leader of the party, Khan served as the party's executive vice-president. He was elected leader in June 2017.

David holds a BSc from the University of British Columbia, a Juris Doctor degree in Law from the University of Toronto. He studied international and European human rights and constitutional law at CEU, and French at l'Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. He works as a lawyer in Calgary, practicing indigenous law. 

Jakub Leps (POLS '98)

Jakub Leps (POLS ’98) is a writer, educator and politician who currently serves as Third Deputy Mayor for Prague’s 11th District. In January 2018 he was elected Prague chairman for the TOP 09 political party.

What is your primary responsibility as Prague party chair? How long is the term?

It's a two-year term. The main responsibility is basically serving as the party manager. However this year most of my activity will focus on Prague election campaigns ahead of the local and Senate elections that are ahead of us in the fall.