Biography: Mojca Križnar (IRES'97)

Mojca has dedicated her professional life to the evolution of leadership and organisational culture. For over twenty years she’s been supporting organisations and their people in turning their hidden strengths into a meaningful and lasting advantage.

After completing an MA at CEU (IRES ’97), Mojca joined an international consultancy where she worked in various leadership roles for twenty years. A milestone on her path was marked by collaboration with the British consultancy Nowhere, where she learned about transformational journeys. Since then, Mojca has had the opportunity and privilege to support and witness many profound shifts on individual, team, and organizational levels.

In 2019 she weaved years of valuable experience, knowledge, precious human connections, wisdom, and stories co-created and founded  BLUE IN GREEN. Under its auspices, Mojca also works as the Leader of Points of You® Slovenia and is a member of the OSMA Leadership Academy team.

Mojca continues to contribute to the rise of leadership consciousness as an evolutionary catalyst, coach, practitioner, and columnist for Leadership JAZZ. She also held a TEDx Talk hosted by the University of Ljubljana.