Andrija Visic (SPP ’15)

November 18, 2014

Andrija is from Croatia. He is studying at CEU thanks to the Alumni Scholarship, next|generation.

In his own words:

I hold an MA and BA in Sociology from the University of Zagreb. This gave me a huge boost and encouraged me to apply for another MA, this time at CEU.

I am an active citizen. I have organized seminars and symposia with my Students’ Sociology Club and other NGOs I’ve worked with. Project management and event organization is what I do best, but I also love to travel whenever I can. The thrill of meeting people and learning something new every time is something I will never give up.

The problem-solving approach, combined with an intensive academic base offered by the MA in Public Policy is exactly what I’m looking for in acquiring practical policy-making skills—particularly regarding data protection and sustainable development.

Finally, I have many ideas for enriching the CEU community, of which I hope to become an active member. Many thanks to the alumni donors for making this possible for me.