Czechia, Petra Chaloupkova (NATI '11)

March 1, 2016

Petra Chaloupkova (NATI '11) is a human resources professional working on engagement topics globally for DHL Supply Chain. She has served as the CEU Alumni Chapter Leader in Czechia since February 2016. She is based in Prague.

Why does she volunteer as an Alumni Chapter Leader?

I was very active as CEU student and even after graduation I've continued supporting the community by career coaching and mentoring of CEU students. I never stop being amazed by our diversity and how enriching can be just one single afternoon spent with CEU people. I always feel like if I traveled the world. I believe we can benefit from our local community, mainly from different professional focuses and affiliations. As Alumni Chapter Leader I would like to encourage every single member of our community to share what they are passionate about. This way we will help one another.

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