Switzerland, Ana Gurau (DPP ’11)

April 4, 2016

Since graduation, Ana has been busy strengthening her international development profile, with a focus on global health, public finance, and social justice. In 2015 she relocated to Switzerland, where she worked for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. She recently joined a Swiss national research project on dementia policy and pursues a PhD in Biomedical sciences (spec. Bioethics) at the University of Geneva.

Why does she volunteer as an Alumni Chapter Leader?

Volunteering for the local Alumni Chapter is about reinforcing an important connection. Actually, two. The first - with CEU, a very special educational institution that, ahead of anything else, steers the political awakening of its students. And the second - with Budapest, a fascinating city that many of us called and still call home. 

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