In His Own Words: Aron Varga

October 18, 2017

Aron Varga received MPhil in Mathematics from CEU in 2013. (And a medal for his chess skills at CEU Picnic 2017, see left.) Since graduation he's been working as a ‘quant’ at Morgan Stanley in Budapest, currently the team lead of market and operational risk model validation.

You’re a relatively recent graduate of CEU now working at Morgan Stanley. What’s the most interesting and/or impactful aspect of your job?

We try to ensure the firm is sufficiently capitalized based on measuring the risks appropriately. Note that before the 2008 crisis most firms were undercapitalized due to inappropriate risk measurement. So in a way we’re trying to prevent or at least soften the blow of the next financial crisis.

How did your CEU education help prepare you for or affect the work you do today?

Morgan Stanley is a large multinational company, being exposed to a similar environment at CEU helped fitting in smoothly.

Not long ago you were a student here. What was your #1 takeaway from studying at CEU? How did it change you?

My #1 takeaway was, that I realized I should have worked harder when I was at university. So now I do.

What do you miss most about your student days?

Free time.

What do you feel is the value of CEU’s alumni community? Has it had much effect for you?

I met some of my best friends at CEU.

What would you advise someone just beginning their studies here? Something you wish you had known when you were a student?

Do realize, that one day you’ll have to work! Build your network, and build marketable and quality knowledge.