Kevindaryán Luján (IRES '14)

April 5, 2018

CEU alumnus Kevindaryán Luján (IRES ’14) is an American human rights activist and legislator, representing the 4th District of New York State’s Orange County.

What should people know about you?

I am dedicated to fighting for social, economic and political justice for our under represented communities.

What’s the most exciting aspect of your work?

It is truly humbling to think, that the work we do a the Orange County Legislature impacts the lives of over 375,000 people. It is a real honor to be able to serve in my community and to represent my home town of Newburgh.

How did CEU influence your work?

I love CEU’s diversity and emphasis on civic society building and empowering under represented communities. Now, in these uncertain times, these ideals can’t be taken for granted. They’re not lost on me.

What do you miss about this place?

Fruit soup. Just kidding.

Seriously, though. It’s CEU. I first came to Budapest in 2012. And I was walking away from the Basilica, I saw the CEU door (at Nador u. 9). I peeked inside and thought ‘this is a place I’d like to be.’ I’ve studied at other universities. I was only here for one year, but here I feel at home.