Bernadett Sebály (SPP '19, Hungary)

September 27, 2018

Prior to CEU, Bernadett worked to build strong community organizations in Hungary, drawn as she was to a vision of participatory civil society. During her eight years with The City Is For All organization, she organized for housing rights in a multi-class alliance. She studied one year in the U.S. and worked with the Civil College Foundation, where she trained and mentored organizers.

What’s one of your objectives?

My goal is to link the worlds of activism, civil society organizations and academia in a way that is fruitful for all.

Why study public policy at CEU?

My decision to improve my knowledge in governance and civil society was prompted by the series of measures designed to silence civil society organizations in Hungary.

What do you wish to get out of studying here?

I would like to become a civil society professional who can provide answers for civil society organizations, social movements and donors working in an authoritarian environment.