John Albert Laylo (LEGS ’19, Philippines)

September 27, 2018

John is an attorney from the Philippines. He joined the Philippine Bar in 2015 and has since practiced his profession in various fields. His expertise include political and commercial law. He worked at the Senate of the Philippines, where he wrote various pieces of legislation, and as an associate partner at a full service law firm and an electoral campaign manager. He is undertaking an LLM in international business law at CEU.

What’s one of your life goals?

I want to contribute to the development of policies that will lead to a robust economic growth for my country, thereby uplifting the lives of my compatriots.

Why did you choose this line of study?

I aim to have a deeper understanding of the laws that affect international commerce and economic cooperation between states.

What do you want out of CEU?

A well-rounded academic experience that will not only make me a more knowledgeable attorney but a better person as well.