Nikkon Balial (IR ’20, India)

September 27, 2018

Nikkon recently graduated in political science honors at the University of Jadavpur’s Department of International Relations. Nikkon’s diverse background includes volunteer stints at non-government organizations, and work as event coordinator, club head and a research intern.

What’s your goal?

To become a foreign policy analyst capable of detecting international problems and security threats but also committed to finding practical solutions for such problems. I want to work in tandem with private and government institutions to find answers feasible for both.

Why study international relations?

The interest developed in my high school days. It consolidated even more during my graduation when I began to be exposed to news, articles and analyses of world problems faced by sovereign states.

What do you wish go gain by study at CEU?

This is my step into an unknown environment. I wish to gain memories, experiences, knowledge, opportunities and a broader outlook from my years at the university and in Budapest.