Rebeca Marques Rocha (SPP ’20, Brazil)

September 27, 2018

Rebeca graduated in International relations from the Federal University of São Paulo. She has developed a deep interest in public policy and, over the years, increased her knowledge of the subject by studying and volunteering in Brazil, Spain, and Italy.  In her third year at university, she was selected as a fellow researcher for a project focused on public policy, environmental issues, and human rights. The research was tasked with identifying needs of the under-served communities surrounding the university, to understand the causes in order to find solutions with the local City Hall.    

What should we know about you?

I strongly believe humanity is the most important element of policymaking.

Why study public policy?

I developed a deep interest in it and the social field as a result of my exchanges abroad and volunteering experiences.

What do you hope to gain at CEU?

I hope that CEU can provide me with a rich full apprenticeship experience, as well as opening doors for a more practical engagement.