Rodrigo Sanchez (ECON ’20, Paraguay)

September 27, 2018

Rodrigo studied in the U.S., earning his BA in economics and working with his university’s department of economics as a head research assistant. There, he managed six students and responded directly to primary investigators. He also worked as a proctor for introductory economic courses and was nominated student worker of the year at Kansas State University.

What’s your goal?

Short-term: to acquire the best tools and resources to help me become a well-rounded economist. Long-term: to be involved in international trade/development, possibly by working at a think-tank, NGO or a multinational corporation.  

Why study economics at CEU?

This will provide me with the tools needed to understand and contribute new ideas to solve problems our globalized economy is facing. Furthermore, it will prepare me for PhD studies at a top university.

What do you want from your time here?

A unique opportunity to establish new connections from people from all around the world. Not many other institutions can offer this to their students.