Sanda Sandu (SPP ’19, Moldova)

September 27, 2018

Sanda works at the NATO Information Centre as Program Manager and is Founder and President of the National Anti-Corruption Centre in Education. She is involved in policy-making and developing strategies including civil society anti-corruption strategy and information security concept. She also worked on the implementation of Information and Communication Strategy in Security and Defense, implementing the Individual Partnership Action Plan Moldova-NATO. 

What’s your goal?

To pursue a career in international civil service with an emphasis on policy making and problem solving in international contexts including peacekeeping, conflict resolution, security and ensuring integrity.

Why choose public policy study?

I would like to explore more in-depth subjects related to security studies, peacekeeping missions, as well as, foreign policy analysis and the human rights perspective.

What do you hope to gain from CEU?

To foster fruitful cooperation and discussions with research centers plus experts and professionals from the field of public policy and security.