Sven Mörsdorf (HIST ’20, Germany)

September 27, 2018

For the past decade Sven has been studying and working throughout Europe. He holds an undergraduate degree in Eastern European history from the University of Vienna and has done volunteering and NGO work. “I find it hard to say where exactly I come from,” he said “which is something I cherish.”

What’s your goal?

In the long run, I hope to develop myself on a more personal level: become less self-centered, more open to diversity, more understanding and kind.

Why study history?

Studying history for me is a continuous reflection on what we can learn from the traces and stories of past human lives; how the past is shaping our present, and what this can tell us about our own selves.

What do you wish to gain from your CEU experience?

I see CEU as a community that above all stands for equality, cooperation, peaceful and progressive ideas – even more so in these difficult times. I’m grateful for the chance to take part in it more actively.