Alumni welcome hundreds of new CEU students

October 4, 2018

Alumni took a lead in welcoming new students to the CEU community this summer by hosting nearly 30 Pre-Departure Orientations (PDOs) around the world.

This year’s PDOs welcomed more than 350 students, in person and online, and involved nearly 120 alumni and five Local Area Coordinators. PDOs were held on four continents, the largest turnouts in India, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and the United States. SEE FULL STATS. 

Co-sponsored by CEU’s Alumni Relations and Recruitment offices, and hosted by alumni and Local Area Coordinators, PDOs are live informational sessions for new students about to leave

for their studies in Budapest.Typically held in cafes and pubs, PDOs include information sessions, Q&A and socializing. The idea is that new students learn best about the CEU experience from those who actually lived it.

This program is powered by CEU's amazing alumni, alumni voluteers and chapter leaders plus Local Area Coordinators. This year we want to thank every one of them individually by name:

Anna Pambukhchyan (IRES ’12) Armenia
Anar Mehdiyev (ENVS ’02) Azerbaijan
Amila Kurtovic (LEGS ’16), Bosnia Herzegovina
Yuxin Wang (SPP ’15), China
Maja Kurlic (SPP ’18), Croatia
Petra Chaloupkova (NATI ’11), Czech Republic
Rania Seddik (DPP ’12), Egypt
Mikheil Shavtvaladze (POLS ’10), Georgia
Armin Haberle (POLS ’05), Germany
Ann-Katrhin Beck (SPP ’16), India
Mirgul Iminova (LAC), Georgia
Maja Petrusheva (IRES ’94), Macedonia
Klaudia Gonzales (IRES ’03), Mexico
Hla Aye (SPP ’18) Myanmar
Sanjay Sharma POLS ’17), Nepal
Waqas Shabir (SPP ’18) Pakistan
Neil Pacamalan (LEGS ’07), Philippines
Naum Trajanovski (NATI ’16), Poland
Nuranghiz Khodzharova (IRES ’08), Russia
Ivana Dimitrijevic (LAC), Serbia
Marek Chomanic (LEGS ’16), Slovakia
Ezgi Türker (POLS ’17), Turkey
Diana Sabluk (POLS ’08), Ukraine
Kateryna Kanevska (LAC), Ukraine
Joanne Wood (GENS ’16), UK
Ilona Patrice Polyak (BUSI ’10), USA
Vu Thi Huong Giang (SPP ’16), Vietnam

Thanks again to our alumni organizers, attendees, and this year's new cadre of new CEU students. You're the best!