Welcome Home: Alumni Reunion Biggest in Years

May 10, 2019

More than 300 CEU alumni and friends from around the world gathered at the Budapest Marriott Hotel on Saturday, May 4 for the university’s biggest reunion gala in years. See party photos and group photos

A spirited celebration of community and family the gala drew alumni from 50 countries and graduating classes spanning 1992 to 2018. Many CEU alumni couples were in attendance, some with their children (CEU babies!) and parents.

Pointing to one alumni couple’s daughter, President and Rector said during his keynote: “I want to make sure there’s a CEU for that little girl to go to. And for her children as well.”

“Universities are forever,” he added.

During his welcome remarks, Vice President for Enrollment, Careers and Alumni Relations Serge Sych (IRES ’97, LEGS ’99) spoke of the power of reunions to ‘shorten the distance’ between alumni and the university – and each other.

“Welcome home” he said.

Accounting for more than a third of gala attendees, five graduating classes celebrated their graduation anniversaries. The classes of 2004 (15th) and 2009 (10th) alone drew nearly 100 alumni.

The gala was hosted by students Jorge Antonio Chavez Mazuelos (IR '19, Peru) and Tetiana Horban (IR '20, Ukraine), who narrated fun, nostalgic ode to student days. Later, student Rebeca Marques Rocha (SPP ’20, Brazil) spun a DJ set including alumni selected tracks, another throwback to student days. Jorge, Tetiana and Rebeca are among this year’s class of Alumni Scholarship Recipients.

After a lively dance party and group photo session the gala concluded and many alumni left for the Spring Ball aboard the Europa Riverboat.


For the fourth year straight, the gala was proceeded by an invitation-only President’s Reception. Celebrating some of this university’s most dedicated alumni supporters, the reception featured drinks and Q&A with the Rector. Story and pics.

The Gala highlighted this year’s Alumni Reunion Weekend, which included three days of events on and off campus. Story and pics.