Alumni Meetup in Amsterdam

May 15, 2019

CEU alumni in Amsterdam, NL had a small but lively reunion on Tuesday, May 14. The event was hosted by Serge Sych (IRES ’97, LEGS ’99) CEU Vice President for Enrollment, Careers and Alumni Relations, at Café de Jaren.

The informal happy hour featured lively discussion about the latest CEU news, including the upcoming Vienna campus opening and the university’s new “2025” strategy. It was also a great chance for alumni to share what they’re up to and, not surprisingly, represent our community, if in microcosm.

“This small group was a sample of the alumni universe, alumni trends,” Serge said. “And all, regardless of profession, have special memories of their CEU experience and credit it with what they’re doing now, and they were prepared to take action to help CEU however they could.”

During the meetup, Serge briefed the alumni on the university’s current challenges and how alumni can get involved – by volunteering, helping recruit new students, and supporting students, departments and more via the CEU Alumni Campaign.

Thanks to everyone for the great meetup!