Alumni Scholarship Year in Review: Anaïs

July 10, 2019

Anaïs Voski (ENVS '19/MESPOM, Canada) studied at CEU this year, thanks to supporters of the CEU Alumni Scholarship. We caught up with her before graduation to see how her year went. Congratulations to Anaïs and THANK YOU donors for empowering her success!

What was your highlight of this year?

The highlight was an ecological monitoring field trip my department took me on, to monitor the amphibian population of the Teleki wetland system, near [Lake] Balaton. I actually got to apply what I learned in the classroom. Before I came to CEU I had no idea how to identify frog species or compile a monitoring data sheet. So I really feel like I’m leaving the university with applicable skills and knowledge that I learned here. The whole year was a highlight, but I feel that that particular field trip just really exemplified the depth of learning.

What are you going to miss most about CEU?

Definitely the community. I’m going to miss my classmates, the friends I made here and just this super-diverse, welcoming community. I’ve never encountered this anywhere else, and I really think it’s unique to CEU. I already miss it.

What’s next for Anais?

I am going to work on science policy integration and natural resources in Canada.

Nice! So you’ve already got a job offer?

Yeah! I know I’m very lucky. I’m actually really looking forward to that because I’ll get to use my science background and my social science background and I’ll get to combine them to integrate and communicate between the two.

* * *

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