Alumni Scholarship Year in Review: Balazs

July 25, 2019

Balazs Antal (ECBS '19, Hungary) studied at CEU this year thanks to supporters of the CEU Alumni Scholarship. We caught up with him to see how his year went.

What was your highlight of the year?

I loved the alumni reunion weekend, and meeting all those people from different countries coming back together and having this common culture and understanding. That was absolutely amazing. And, you know, as an ASR I am receiving support from them. These people really inspire me.

What will you miss most about this year?

I will miss mostly emails I receive from Nura that there is work to be done and where I can help (laughs). Through these [volunteer] events, you get to know new people, and they are doing work I never imagined doing. They are contributing to society, not just in Hungary. It’s amazing.

What’s next for Balazs?

I’m going to start as an analyst, as an associate at an M&A boutique firm here in Hungary. I also have the flexibility to take six more credits at the university here, so I want to maximize that. And I will also be here for the reunion gala next year!


Congratulations Balazs and THANK YOU donors for empowering his success! Want to help support talented students like him? Make your gift to the Alumni Campaign today!