Alumni Scholarship Year in Review: Martina

July 25, 2019

Martina Bosak (LEGS ’19, Croatia) studied at CEU this year thanks to support from alumni donors. We caught up with her before graduation to see how her year went.

What was the highlight of your year?

The highlight was specifically the day we went to the north of Hungary to work on the InDaHouse program. It was enriching because we actually saw how life in the village is. We went there, we played with the children, we helped building the house. We saw their needs and how we can help them in future.

What will you miss the most about CEU?

The people. I think the people are the most beautiful thing here. From different countries, from different backgrounds, from different ideas, theories, whatever. Such a diverse society within CEU - and they are the ones who taught me more than classes themselves. This is the thing I will miss the most.

What is next for Martina?

Next for Martina is her thesis (laughs). Because, as the legal studies department, we still have to write our theses after the program ends. But then I’m planning to stay in Croatia and work for a NGO called Human Rights House, working on projects working dealing anti-discrimination law.

Congratulations Martina and THANK YOU donors for empowering her success! Want to help support talented students like her? Make your gift to the Alumni Campaign today!