Katerina Krejcova (LEGS '20, Czech Republic)

September 26, 2019

Katerina holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a master's degree in Audiovisual Studies. As a journalist and director for Czech TV she covered environmental issues. In 2017, she began to map out cases of the persecution of environmental activists for Czech NGOs. Since 2018 she's worked in Ukraine as a project coordinator. 

What is your goal in life?

I see the fight against injustice with the help of personal commitment and analytical thinking as my lifelong task.

Why did you choose your particular course of study?

I regularly face cases where I need to know not only the country's national legislation but also to understand the mechanisms of the international system of human rights.

What do you hope to gain from your time here?

The course will help me to acquire the tools, skills and knowledge that will enable me to help people most effectively.