Esther Angonemi Ebimoghan (LEGS '20, Nigeria)

September 30, 2019

Esther studied Law at Keele University (UK) where she was awarded the Michael Akehurst Prize for Best graduating student in International Law. She volunteered  in many capacities and was awarded Keele University Employability Achievement award for her contributions as a Legal Companion under the Community Legal Outreach Collaboration Keele ( CLOCK ), scheme.

Esther continues to create impact at the International Federation of Women Lawyers ( FIDA), Bayelsa State Chapter, Nigeria by preserving, protecting and promoting the interest of women, children and vulnerable people in the society using existent laws of the state. 

What is one of your objectives?

To be part of the solution. To do little things with dexterity such that it adds up to the big picture.

 What made you choose your course of study?

It is in line with my career aspiration, as it will equip me with the knowledge to analyze and resolve problems related to International Markets. More so, it will enable me gain comprehensive understanding of the legal setting of International business structure and transactions, the players and the regulatory environment of business through accessing a range of courses in dispute resolution, comparative and International business law and regulation of business environment.

What do you hope to gain from your time at CEU?

I anticipate being part of a life-long CEU community. More so, to embrace new cultures and people. I also anticipate a life changing opportunity to build my human and social capital.