South Korea, Elis Bechir (NATI '08)

November 7, 2019

Elis Bechir (NATI '08) relocated to South Korea in early 2019, working with an international organization that allies with local governments of developing countries to tackle climate change. After graduating from CEU, she took on different challenges around the world, from promoting human and women rights in the Ivory Coast, to giving career advice and teaching English and French to young immigrants in Spain, standardizing procedures and supporting the improvement of the service-level performance across Africa and delivering Emiratization program in the UAE. Furthermore, five years ago, Elis landed her dream job at the UN, starting with the Department of Peacekeeping Operations in Haiti, and being a management consultant with the International Monetary Fund in DC, the World Health Organization in Egypt and UNICEF in New York. 

Elis is specialized in change management and conflict resolution and holds a Bachelor degree in Communication and Journalism. 

Why does she volunteer for CEU?

During my studies at CEU, I learned about the concept of "imagined communities" developed by Benedict Anderson. Making an analogy to nations, the CEU community has a common interest, has talented and motivated members, has wisdom and power to make a difference in the world. Moreover, the community is global, has no borders and its members are meeting regularly to break boundaries and stereotypes and even generate meaningful projects and lifelong friendships. I volunteer to create that community and to bring alumni and prospective students to the CEU family. 

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