Alumni Meet in Prague

November 8, 2019

More than a dozen CEU alumni got together for a small but lively reunion in the Czech capital on Tuesday, November 5. The meetup was hosted by Serge Sych (IRES ’97, LEGS ’99) CEU Vice President for Enrollment, Careers and Alumni Relations, at Prague’s Podlarka Karlin pub. (See pics below.)

The meetup drew many generations of alumni, from early alumni from the Class of 1993 to recent graduates from the Class of 2017. Among attendees were professionals from the Czech and local governments, civil society, business and higher education.

Attendees also included graduates from all three of CEU’s previous campuses – Prague, Warsaw, and Budapest. (One alumna in attendance, Tereza Pospisilova (IRES ’00), a historian from Charles University, wrote a book on the history of our university stating that CEU’s initial, multi-campus concept included Vienna!)

As per tradition, the happy hour featured a networking session, moderated by Serge, plus discussion of the latest university news and how alumni can get involved, by volunteering, helping recruit new students and giving to the Alumni Campaign. Several attendees pledged to give, while another volunteered to the local alumni chapter.

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Thanks to everyone for a great event and extra big thanks to Alumni Chapter Leader Petra Chaloupkova (NATI '11) for helping organize!

(Last photo by Petra Chaloupkova (NATI '11)