Rector's Letter to Alumni, December 2019

December 8, 2019
Dear Alumni, 
Just last month CEU triumphantly inaugurated its new Vienna campus in the presence of 1,000 members of our community - including many CEU alumni. Our founder George Soros announced a magnificent gift that guarantees CEU’s future.
Our future is bright. By next year, we will be teaching most of our programs in Vienna. We will be launching undergraduate programs. We will be maintaining a strong presence in Budapest. Our goal over the next five years is clear: to become the best English language university in Europe in the humanities and social sciences. To reach these goals I need your help to fund scholarship support for the wonderful students who are following in your footsteps. 
At a time of soaring tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate education, CEU remains unique in its commitment to provide scholarship assistance to over 80 percent of our students. I want us to continue leading the world in making world-class undergraduate and graduate education available to students from every corner of the world, from every race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation and gender preference. 
Here’s how you can help. This year, I was honored with the Dan David Prize. My wife and I decided to set aside $75,000 from the award to dedicate to student aid for our new undergraduate program. 
I want you to join me. Give to the CEU Alumni Campaign so that we can raise money to support the great students from around the world who are applying right now to join us in September 2020. 
As an alum, you know what CEU did for you. You know that we made a difference in your life. Please help us to make a difference in the lives of the great students who will be coming to CEU next year.
Your contribution, in any amount, demonstrates your loyalty and your commitment to our values. Most of all, it will give a student the same chances you had. So please, give generously to this appeal.
Finally, from now until December 31, alumni around the world will be uniting to share their gratitude for the CEU experience and help support its future via #ThankYouCEU events. Learn how you can get involved. 
Warm regards—and best wishes for the holiday season to you and your loved ones.  
Michael Ignatieff  
President and Rector 
Central European University