Alumni Help Incoming Students Prepare for New Academic Year

September 4, 2020

CEU Alumni around the world once again took the lead in welcoming new students to the CEU community this summer by hosting 34 online Pre-Departure Orientations (PDOs).

To ensure everyone’s safety, this year’s PDOs were held exclusively online. From July to August more than 100 CEU alumni, and seven Local Area Coordinators, logged onto Zoom to meet more than 250 newly accepted students, from 35 countries, and answer their burning questions about the upcoming 2020-21 academic year. For the first time in CEU history, 49 newly accepted BA students also participated.

PDOs were held for alumni chapters on five continents and a general online orientation organized by the Student Recruitment Office attracted 255 students from around the world. SEE FULL STATS. 

PDOs are live informational sessions for new students about to begin their studies at CEU. Typically held in person, this year’s events had to be held online and were branded as Welcome to CEU – Virtual Meetups. The idea is that new students learn best about the CEU experience from those who have actually lived it – CEU alumni. For alumni PDOs are an opportunity to meet new students, welcome them to the family, and reminisce about their own CEU experiences.

PDOs are co-organized by CEU’s Alumni Relations and Student Recruitment offices and hosted by Alumni Chapter Leaders and/or Local Area Coordinators (LAC) around the world. (Several Alumni Scholarship Recipients also shared their experiences with incoming students.) We want to thank every one of them individually:

Shamsurrahman Ahmadzai (IR '19/ASR 2018-19), Afghanistan
Adela Danaj (POLS '17), Albania
Anna Bara (HIST '03), Austria 
Anar Mehdiyev (ENVS ’02) and Aynur Guliyeva (LEGS '06), Azerbaijan
Rumi Akter (SPP ’20), Bangladesh
Amila Kurtovic (LEGS ’16) and Borislav Buljic (NATI ’16), Bosnia and Herzegovina
Zornitsa Stefanova (POLS ’98) and Kamelia Tzeneva (GENS ‘21/ASR 2019-20), Bulgaria
Alexandre de Oliveira Kappaun (GENS '03) and Rebeca Marques Rocha (SPP ’20/ASR 2018-19), Brazil
Chad Poitras (IRES '05), Canada
Ruichuan Yu (POLS ’19/ASR 2018-19) and Juxing Wang (SPP’ 15/ASR 2013-14), China
Ana Uglešić (LAC) and Roko Kostan (POLS ‘20/ASR 2019-20), Croatia
Rania Seddik (DPP ’11), Egypt
Zakaria Babutsizde (ECON ’05) and Ana Medarska Lazova (LEGS ’09), France
Mikheil Shavtvaladze (POLS ’10), Sandro Gigauri (IR ’21/ASR 2019-20) and Natia Nanava (LAC), Georgia
Zorana Gajic (POLS ’97), Germany
Mara Tissera Luna (SPP ’17), Virag Bitto (ECBS ’20/ASR 2019-2020) and Balazs Antal (ECBS ’19/ASR 2018-19), Hungary
Mohini Mehta (SOCI '18/ASR 2017-18), India
Kaan Kubilay Asar (SOCI ’19), Italy
Jibek Turgunbekova (ECBS '20), Larisa Gorbunova and Leila Yedygenova (LAC), Kazakhstan
Mirgul Iminova (LAC), Kyrgyzstan
Klaudia Gonzales (IRES ’03) and Laura de Vizcaya (HIST '08), Mexico
Waqas Shabir (SPP ’18), Pakistan
John Albert Laylo (POLS ‘19/ASR 2018-19), Philippines
Stefan Cibian (CPS '06) and Elis Bechir (NATI '08), Romania
Natalia Gurgurova (IRES ‘13/LAC) and Fedor Veselov (SOCI '18/ASR 2017-18), Russia
Milica Nesic (LEGS '18/ASR 2017-18) and Jelena Sapic (LAC), Serbia
Ezgi Türker (POLS ’17), Turkey
Ievgen Zvieriev (LEGS '09), Tetiana Hoban (IR ‘20/ASR 2018-19), Iryna Pozhydaieva (LEGS ‘20/ASR 2019-20) and Katerina Kanevska (LAC), Ukraine
Joanne Wood (GENS ’16), UK
Ilona Beatrice Polyak (BUSI ’10), Angelina Pienczykowski (IRES, '14) and Grace Linczer (SPP ’21/ASR 2019-20), USA
Thieu Giang Linh Tran (SPP ‘21/ASR 2019-20), Vietnam
Odinakaonye Lagi (LEGS '09) and Esther Ebimoghan (LEGS ’20/ASR 2019-20), West Africa

Thanks again to our alumni organizers, attendees, and this year's new cadre of CEU students!