Budapest Campus Reopening Protocol

September 16, 2020

CEU Budapest has undergone phased reopening from September 1 onwards. See full details below. NOTE: strict hygiene protocols and social distancing must be observed on CEU premises at all times. 

  • Within the Nador complex, entrance continues to be limited to N15.
  • Face cover (mask) is mandatory for admittance
  • CEU alumni with a valid CEU /Alumni ID card can access the university through the security desks.
  • Visitors of faculty, staff, and students may enter if they register at the front desk of N15 or the security desks of Z14, Oktober 6/12, Oktober 6/7 and JA24. Visitors must be accompanied by a CEU staff, student or faculty. 

Anyone entering the campus is expected to adhere to all preventative measures detailed in this protocol and displayed on posters in prominent locations. Campus security personnel are authorized to check compliance and can remove anyone not adhering to the safety regulations.

To minimize interpersonal contact, departments and administrative units that maintain open hours for students or employees are advised to request advance appointment for in-person visits. General access information:


Access parameters

  • CEU Library 

Reading Halls open on September 7 at a reduced capacity. Please find further details below. Updates to services are posted on the Library website.

  • Computer labs

Usage is advised only if no other option is available, following the guidelines below for computer lab use.

  • ILab, Somby Lab, Baby Lab

Limited access, depending on department schedules and based on specific protocols.

  • PhD Labs (except “Small House” Kisház)

Limited access. Departments will set up, and communicate lab timetables to adhere to social distancing requirements

  • Library Computer labs, Co-labs

Remain closed until further notice

  • Vera And Donald Blinken Open Society Archives

Open for staff, faculty, and researchers, but limited to five (5) researchers at a time in the Research Room (please check the Research Room sign-up sheet). OSA welcomes copy requests, offers one-on-one consultations with archivists and access to the OSA research cloud. Compliance with all hygiene protocols and social distancing are required.

  • Medical Center

Visits by appointment only, following an initial phone consultation: +36-1-327-3815. The Medical Center is open for pre-arranged appointments. See details. 

Access to buildings (requires valid CEU ID card):

  • Nádor 15 is designated as the only Nádor entrance (opening times: 8am - 8pm)
  • Nádor 9 and 11 are both closed
  • Arany Janos u 34 (OSA) offices: 8am – 6 pm; Research Room: weekdays 10am – 5:54 pm; Galeria Centralis: every day 10am - 6 pm, closed on Mondays
  • Z14 is open 8am – 6pm 
  • O6/12 is open 8am – 6pm
  • JA24 and Okt6/7 are open 8am – 10pm

Upon entering a CEU building, with the exception of Nádor 15, all must sign in and sign out so that Security can keep track of who is in the building at all times.

Campus Hygiene

Please use the disinfectant mat at the entrance. Face cover (mask) is mandatory for admittance. We ask that you regularly use the hand sanitizers and wash your hands frequently—following guidelines—in the washrooms. Gloves are recommended when touching commonly used surfaces, e.g., kitchen, elevator, door knobs.

All members of the community entering the campus must bring and use their own masks (and, where appropriate, plastic gloves) and keep their workstations clean.

What to do in case of symptoms or confirmed positive cases

Should you feel sick or have any of the following symptoms - fever, cough, shortness of breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, headache, loss of taste and/or smell:

  • Do not enter the campus. Stay at home and consult with your doctor or the CEU Medical Center (; +36-1-327-3815) if needed.
  • Do not enter the campus if someone living in your household is sick, or if—within the previous two weeks—you have been in contact with a person who is sick or is showing the above symptoms. Please also avoid entering the campus if in the last 14 days you visited a country classified as “red” or “yellow” by the Hungarian government.
  • Make sure your family members stay at home, too.
  • In case you observe symptoms, contact your general practitioner (GP) by phone first. Your GP will instruct you on the next steps, and in case your symptoms require it, he/she will order that a PCR COVID-19 test be taken at your home. We discourage anyone to contact a private-service provider for an individual COVID-19 test without consulting with their GP first.
  • Any tests performed at your own request are to be self-financed.

In case you are tested COVID-19 positive, prepare a contact list of persons with whom you were in contact in the last 14 days and submit it to your GP for follow up and contact tracing.

Common areas

  • All must wear a mask when using common areas at CEU. Common areas include the Library, lobbies, washrooms, hallways, staircases, labs, classrooms, meeting rooms, kitchens, catering areas, elevators. Common areas will be disinfected several times per day.
  • At all times, maintain at least a 1.5-meter distance from others while on campus. 
  • Avoid spontaneous, unstructured or organized gatherings of people in the same room or in common areas.
  • Water fountains will not be in service until further notice.


The Library Reading Halls are open to CEU alumni. Permitting access to the Reading Halls for Library External Members will be considered after we can ensure a safe reopening to the CEU community. Library External Memberships that expired during the closure have been extended until December 31, 2020. Applications for new External Members remain suspended as the Library opens gradually with reduced seating and services. We will continue to review policies and protocols.

Strict adherence to health safety protocols must be maintained for the Library to welcome library users and remain open. Those who do not abide by the protocols will be asked to leave and will lose their membership. We require all library users to be careful and be good library citizens.

Books can be returned at the touchless self-return kiosk outside the entrance to the CEU Library, Nador 15, 2nd Floor and 6th floor, and Open Society Archives (OSA, 23 Arany Janos ut, M-F, 7am – 7 pm). Returned books will continue to be placed in quarantine.

Books can be requested online through the Library Catalog in advance for pick up at the Information Desk for those not needing to come into the Reading Halls. If the book is available, and there is no suitable electronic option, the requestor will receive an email confirmation to pick up their book(s).

Photocopiers, scanners, and a limited number of computers are available. Co-labs and computer labs are closed until further notice.

Full details and updates are posted on the Library website.

ILab, Baby Lab and Somby Lab
Open, with limited operations guided by Labs’ own protocols. Please contact directly

Catering areas

Catering services at N15 are available with limited operations and following strict health protocols. Take-away service is strongly recommended. If this is not feasible, keep at least 1.5 meters distance when standing in line and avoid eating in groups. We advise that you spend the shortest possible time in the catering areas.


We advise you to use the stairs if possible. Those elevators that are too small to allow for 1.5 meters distance are for single-use only. Wear a mask, use your elbow to push the buttons, or wear gloves.


The gym is closed until further notice.

​​​​Services available on site:

  • Campus services: cloakroom is open in line with Library open hours.

Front-office services in N15: weekdays 9am - 5pm.