Prague CEU Alumni Gathering Largest in Years

September 16, 2021

CEU alumni and friends gathered in Prague on Sunday, September 12 for one of the largest informal alumni gatherings there in recent years. Hosted by CEU Vice President and alumnus Serge Sych (IRES ’97, LEGS ‘99) at the Kolkovna v Kolkovne restaurant, the meetup drew 25 alumni eager to reconnect with their friends and classmates. (Pics below.) 

As always, Serge shared the latest news from CEU and gratitude for alumni philanthropic and volunteer support. Then, per tradition, alumni shared their fascinating personal and professional stories: an alumni couple embracing family expansion and economic turbulence while running a business during the pandemic; alumni meeting fellow CEU alums in the corridors of international organizations and governments; alumni making their impact in various professional fields. 

Through the discussion it became clear: everyone acknowledged the university’s contribution to who they are now.  Pride in the university’s high academic rankings, as well as concerns about cost of living increases to new students, were also discussed.

To help with the latter, alumni were encouraged to help support CEU’s new generation of incoming students and their respective academic departments by contributing to the CEU Alumni Campaign. (Huge thanks to the stars of the evening Zuzana Vojtekova (IRES ’04, Milestone Society) and Jakub Leps (POLS ’98, Loyalty Society) for their philanthropic contribution. (Learn more: Alumni Donor Societies.) 

HUGE THANKS to everyone who joined us for this special alumni gathering. Special thanks go to Ekaterina Radaeva (LEGS ’99), our Czech alumni chapter contact person, for helping organize this great event.