“We’re not going away”: CEU Rector Meets Alumni in Budapest

October 11, 2021

CEU’s largest alumni community in the world is in Budapest. And on the evening of Thursday, October 7, dozens of them gathered at the university’s Budapest campus for a special meet and greet with new President and Rector Shalini Randeria. 

“You are our largest constituency,” the Rector told alumni. “We need you.” 

The rector explained that, although CEU will have completely shifted all teaching to Vienna by 2022, it will retain its Budapest campus and library. Affiliates such as the Democracy Institute, OSA Archives, Summer School, Innovations Lab and others will also remain in the Hungarian capital, she said. And alumni are urged to stay involved. See event photos. 

“We’re not going away,” the Rector said. 

The meetup was the largest gathering of CEU alumni in Budapest since 2019. Attendees represented a number of graduating classes and departments, from recent graduates to alumni of university’s early years in the 1990s. Several local alumni volunteers and donors also attended as well as a CEU couple and their three-week-old baby.

As per meetup tradition, attendees passed the microphone, introduced themselves and shared something about their lives. For many, the lasting influence of CEU was prominent. 

The rector thanked alumni for all they have done in support of the university’s future – be it through volunteering, helping recruit new students or by aiding students and departments by giving to the CEU Alumni Campaign. 

“[Your support] is a very good advertisement for CEU,” she said. “You have done a really marvellous job.” 

After nearly two years of Covid restrictions, attendees seemed eager to reconnect with their friends and classmates, many lingering afterwards for a chat and refreshments with friends, classmates and the Rector herself. 

HUGE THANKS to everyone who joined us and made this a great event. Thanks also to the CEU Press and CEU Innovations Lab for joining the event.