Ethiopia, Aklilu Beyene (LEGS' 12)

October 14, 2021

Aklilu is a lawyer with eight + years of experience as a lecturer of law, researcher, company lawyer and licensed consultant and attorney. He received his LLM in International Business Law from Central European University and LLB degree from Hawasaa University, Ethiopia.  Currently, Aklilu is working as an attorney and consultant at all levels of the federal courts.

Why does he volunteer for CEU?

Through the opportunity I was blessed to receive from CEU, I have got two important things. The first is the knowldge I got from the amazing professors and from all the resources, like the library, online electronic materials; and second, which is equally life changing, is the opprtunity to meet friends from all over the world, cultural backgrounds etc. Since I was a scholarship student, I got all these for free. Being a volunteer is a way of paying my debt and also contributing to the effort to extend the opportunity I was fortunate and grateful to get to other students to come.

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