Alumnus Gives EUR 30,000 to CEU, Challenges Fellow Alumni

November 29, 2021

After several challenging years, CEU is celebrating its 30th anniversary – and setting a bold new course for itself in Vienna. However, building the university’s new home will depend on everyone in the CEU community, alumni included. 

Vladislav Shayman (LEGS ’06, EMBA ’14, Russia) understands this. And this autumn he decided to do something about it – in the form of a EUR 30,000 gift to CEU. With his gift, he is challenging his fellow alumni to Join him in supporting CEU. 

The timing, he noted, is significant. CEU is not only celebrating 30 years of history, but preparing for a dramatic new chapter.

“Thirty seems to be the magic number,” Vladislav said. “I gladly challenge everyone and anyone to support our alma mater, and whether it’s 30 euros or 30,000 or anywhere in between, your support obviously matters more than the number." 

This isn’t mere bluster. Vladislav is putting his money on the line to encourage his fellow grads to give – and double their impact in support of CEU. Thus, from now until December 31, he will match any alumni gift to the university via the CEU 30 for 30 Alumni Matching Gift Challenge. 

And, as Vladislav noted, the number is significant – from his gift (1,000 euro for every year of CEU history), to the number of future leaders (hint: 30) studying at CEU this year via the Alumni Scholarship program, and more. 

This year’s challenge seeks to raise EUR 60,000 or more by year’s end to support future students like this year’s ASRs, and to support CEU’s new objectives as it pivots to its new Otto Wagner campus. Get involved and make your gift today.

Previous matching gift challenges have proven successful. But this time, it’s a chance for alumni to mark 30 years of CEU history, which they themselves helped create, and to have their gifts matched and their impact doubled.

However, participation, regardless of amount, is most important. "No contribution is inconsequential," Vladislav said. 

To learn more about Vladislav and why he's supporting CEU, see his interview and bio.