UPDATE: Relief Efforts for CEU Alumni from Ukraine

March 9, 2022

The war in Ukraine is a tragedy for the CEU family, which boasts nearly 1000 Ukrainian alumni and students. Since the war’s outbreak, on February 24, the university and its alumni community have mobilized to show solidarity and help alumni and students from Ukraine. See below for what’s being done.  

  • Shortly after fighting began, the CEU Residence Center in Budapest opened its doors to Ukrainian alumni and their families fleeing the war. The Alumni Relations Office launched an emergency fundraising appeal which raised nearly $29,000 in its first week from alumni around the world, including Russia. Funds raised will go towards accommodation costs, food, transportation, and other assistance for alumni in the dorm displaced by the war, as well as scholarship support for future students from Ukraine. See details.
  • On Friday, March 4 dozens of Budapest-based alumni, plus CEU faculty and staff welcomed Ukrainian alumni and their families who have fled the war during an emotional welcome event at the CEU Residence Center. Several Ukrainian alumni are now sheltering there. See full story. (Alumni in Budapest displaced by the war and needing accommodation are advised to write Edina Varga (VargaE@ceu.edu, with alumni@ceu.edu in copy for assistance.)
  • The Alumni Relations Office has been coordinating emergency services for alumni from Ukraine, including offers of housing, medical and psychological help, alumni services and more. Alumna Laura Jones (IRES'06) assembled a list of emergency resources from organizations offering help to Ukrainian refugees. Both were shared with alumni via direct email and social media. 
  • The CEU Residence Center has started providing free hot meals to refugees and families, thanks to alumni donations. With the help of the RC staff a playroom was set up for children in the dorm, and more activities are being planned by the Community Engagement Office and alumni volunteers.
  • Many alumni have also gotten involved, offering assistance for those forced to flee in the form of accommodation, transportation, assistance with translation and official paperwork, job searching and other information resources, which they have shared on the main , Ukrainian,  and Budapest  alumni Facebook groups. If you’d like to get involved, share your offers on these groups or write us for more information. 
  • Many alumni volunteers have asked how they can help their fellow alumni from Ukraine. Those willing to offer help, especially in Hungary and Poland, please fill out this form. We'll do our best to match offers with needs. See form.

HUGE THANKS to everyone who has gotten involved to help our community from Ukraine. Again, if you’re in Budapest, or will be, and need help, please write us so we can assist you.