Another Successful Year for the Alumni Scholarship Program

June 16, 2022

On June 14 the Alumni Relations Office hosted a closing ceremony for this year’s cohort of Alumni Scholarship Recipients (ASRs). We gathered on campus in Vienna to toast and celebrate the success and contribution of these students to the CEU community. Several alumni and former ASRs were in attendance as well.

Funded by donations from CEU alumni since 2001, the Alumni Scholarship program has provided top-up funding for over three hundred CEU students. It also provides volunteer opportunities for those with a background in community service and potential to become engaged alumni. This year’s cohort of thirty students has volunteered more than 800 hours for various CEU teams and projects, including ARO, STRO, HRSI, Community Engagement, Communications Office, SUPERA and others. They organized virtual cooking workshops and Secret Santa, as well as helped record special episodes of the Alumni Podcast.

The students shared their highlights of the program during the ceremony. They appreciated the opportunity to give back to the CEU community, connect with each other and CEU alumni, and hone their communication and event management skills. Special thanks were extended to CEU staff members that the students had worked with throughout the year.